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2011-07-02 19:57:49 by thirdvii

I'm bored. Blah Blah Blah.

So i got together with the family, and we decided to get our shit together and make a mixtape. I have created a nice lil blog to detail everything at [ /], and started a twitter to keep anyone who is interested updated. You can get to it at [!/blacklipposse].

Quick thought

2010-02-19 07:01:58 by thirdvii

Everyone doin ok. I made a few songs since my last post but I really want to start getting stuff professionally done.

Bump this.

2010-01-08 07:14:21 by thirdvii

I dare you.


2009-12-28 17:35:17 by thirdvii

Well I posted some new songs. I hope people enjoy them. I know its hard being on the front page of the Rap section, especially with so many good artist on the site, but at the same time sometimes it feels good to get my stuff out there, and see the positive feedback I get. All I need now is a die hard fan.

The Ratings

2009-08-13 06:27:15 by thirdvii

Damn son. I cant seem to make a good enough track to put me out there. It gets depressing, but oh well.